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Terra Antiqua

Welcome to Terra Antiqua,

studying the landscape as seen and shown by the Romans, and roman geography

Terra antiqua is a repository of images (pinacotheca) with thematic commentaries on mosaics, frescoes, roman imperial coins, miniatures of roman land surveyors, "antic maps"… 

Have a good journey discovering the "antic land"!


Summary by hyperlinks :


What you can find on Terra antiqua

This site is  :

- a personnal analysis founded on historical research on perception, knowledge and use of landscape by Romans. (list with red hyperlinks always on your left) It is in French, I hope to translate it soon.

-a data base of antic iconography of the roman imperial period : how landscape is shown in frescoes, mosaics, coins, reliefs, miniatures of Roman land surveyors, Tabula Peutingeriana, Madaba mosaic, Notitia Dignitatum (page pinacotheca, with hyperlinks to different types of roman sources :

[frescoes][mosaïcs][miniatures of roman surveyors][reliefs]

[Antic maps][coins][Notitia Dignitatum]

 -some medieval and "modern" maps, representing the world as the Ancient knew it

I hope to add many things later, of course images but ancient texts too, with comments.

  • Amenagements of natural territories : pictures of archeological surveys : fortifications, roads in


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